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We Are Back!!

We ARE BACK IN OPERATION! But in a Limited Capacity! Call us 705-794-1133!! We have resumed taking advance reservations but only a limited number per hour. IF you book a reservation or place a phone order with us, and you are in our ride system, you are Guaranteed that our team will get to you and see you safely home, but we cannot guarantee to be there at a specific time. Our Hours of Operation are: Sunday thru Thursday (CLOSED) OR by special appointment. Friday & Saturday (open from 5:00 pm to 3:00 AM).

Reserve Your Ride

Only Online Reservations for same day service placed prior to 4:00 PM can be Processed 

For Same Day service please call 705-794-1133 after 5:00 PM

Place your request for a ride for tonight prior to 4:00 PM today you will receive either an email or text confirmation  OR  reserve a Ride for a Future Date  just fill in and submit the form on the right. We will email you a confirmation within 12-24 Hours.

We will Guarantee that our team will be there to pick you up, we just are not able to guarantee punctuality. We will target to get you as close to your requested time as is possible. Under current circumstances DELAYS are inevitable!.

For out of town calls, your credit card information is required to guarantee/hold your reservation.  However you can use what ever Method of Payment you wish to pay the driver when they get you to your Destination.  We accept Credit Cards, Cash, and Debit. Ask the Driver what they specifically accept when the driver calls you to confirm the ride.

On the night of your reservation, Please keep an eye on your phone, Our Driver will be calling and/or texting you prior to your requested pick up time to confirm your ride and to give you an ETA. They must make direct contact with you to confirm your order. Please do not let it go to Voice Mail. Our standard wait time is 10 minutes so we ask that you be ready when they arrive. If we are not able to confirm your ride directly with you or if A wait time exceeds 10 minutes your order will be placed on HOLD and they will leave to move onto their next client. You will be notified by text if this should occur. You can call us (705-794-1133) to reactivate our order when you are ready. Please never call our driver direct as they will be driving and you may put them and others at risk!”

A last minute Cancellation fee will be charged on either of the circumstances outlined below:

  1. Once you have confirmed with our team and then cancel that scheduled pickup

If you require more than one reservation, they must be submitted individually, using a different name and phone number.  Our system will reject any requests with the same Name and Phone number.