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Canadian Designated Drivers (CDD), is starting up a Loyal Client group.  All you have to do is to use our Services on a repeat basis.  At each month end you will be notified of the number of rides you have accumulated and how close you are to receiving the FREE GIFT CERTIFICATE with a value of $30.00.  The certificate is your’s to do with as you wish.  You may apply it on one of your own rides in town, or apply it to the fare being charged on your out of town rides.  As it is not made out to any individual, you may even give it away as a gift.

When you redeem the Gift Certificate the full Face value must be used.  It can not be applied toward any fare less than Thirty ($30.00).

Currently a number of our clients have automatically been added to the CDD Loyal Client Group, and we hope to send each of you a text letting you know that you have been given the opportunity to receive this gift.

Should you be interested in joining this Loyal Client Group or If you already know you have used our services on more than one occasion this year 2021 and you have not received our text Would you be kind enough to complete and submit the information form below.  Please know, all the information we receive from you is never sold or shared with any other business, and your confidentiality is Assured.